Elbe Sandstone Mountains
– this scenic rest of a Cretaceous sandstone massif is world-famous. There are deep canyons, old volcanic cones, sandstone ledges, small lovely villages and those unmistakable Table Mountains. Surely this landscape – once you have seen it – you will never forget. Lots of tourists visit beautiful landmarks like Bastei, mountain fortress Festung Königstein, stone arch Pravčická brána or Hřensko Gorges (Edmundova + Divoká Soutěska) every year.
Since the end of the 19th century seperate standing rock towers had been ascended by climbers. From this time on Elbe Sandstone rock climbing was worldwide leading in the development of free climbing for several decades. Hence Saxon climbing style arised and was preserved until today. The names of the towers like Teufelsturm, Höllenhund, Barbarine or Pravčickí kužely (Prebischkegel) sound epic for most climbers.
Also in between, next to them or sometimes far away from these famous towers you can explore plenty of scenic beauties, experience thrilling adventures and enjoy more awsome things to remember.
Come and join our way of living: Saxon style rock climbing on sandstone towers in Elbe Sandstone Mountains located between Saxony and Czech Republic!

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