Czech sandstone paradise
Next to the Saxon Elbe Sandstone Mountains there are much more fine sandstone towers in the northern Czech Republic (most notably: Bohemian Lusatia/Lužické hory, Czech Paradise/Český ráj and Adršpach Rocks) and in Germany southwest of Zittau (Zittauer Gebirge). There the climbing style is a bit different to traditional Saxon – although hundred years ago climbing in both regions began combined. At that time also Elbe Sandstone climbers explored the wild eastern woods.
Today most non-bohemian climbers don't really like those widespread areas: They are considered to consist of sandy and crumbly rock and of belaying hardly to implement. Except for the Zittauer Gebirge, where are usually solid rock and acceptable belaying.
But have you ever heard of awesome sandstone towers like Kobyla, Starostová, Kapelník or Dračí skály before? Once you saw them, you will never forget and surely – you will be longing to ascend them! And there are much more towers: tall ones and forbidding ones, tiny and lovely ones, impressive, wild, funny, huge ... There are loads of climbing dreams for everybody!
Come and join us climbing the wild east – the rock sceneries of northern Czech and German 'Zittauer Gebirge':
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